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Happy Birthdays!

If you’re going to give someone a chore for their birthday, you better make sure it’s well worth the work. I worked hard to make this one easily clears the bar. Alas, Jevan and Ben will have to be the judge. Strava Puzzle #3 is even shorter than #2 (Annie Are You OK?), which was […]

Musical Accompaniment

I take a lot of photos on my rides, and while that makes for a richer sharing experience with others, it still leaves much to be desired. One thing that could certainly make it better would be to match these pictures with the most fitting music that could be played when encountering that same scene. […]

Crashless Streak Ends at 868

I was on a really good tear with regard to my “Days Since Last Crash” streak, nearly doubling my previous best. But today, when I was on a good tear of another kind (riding the fun Rose Hill / Bridle Trails path from the park down to Marymoor), the mud that I had been enjoying […]

Best Church Names

One terrific discovery on all of my extended retreat rides has been the more creative church names I’ve encountered. Here are my top two so far (both in NC … bummer that I haven’t found any better names in my home state of VA … yet): 1) The Remnant of His SeedMy mind isn’t in […]

Sharp As A Tack

Found this audio clip from an especially excruciating day on my 2019 1:22pm: “One mile at a time. On skyline drive. In the shade. 73 degrees. 62 miles down. What does that mean? 44 to go. No, 54 to go. Geez, bad math. 54 to go.” Yes, I talk to myself while I’m riding. No, […]


Here’s a business idea for my Mormon buddies. This picture is heading in the right direction, with some nice wheels to shuttle these missionaries in style. So now, picture this: A cycling jersey that is an imitation of a missionary shirt, tie, and badge. Even if we can’t convince the missionaries to wear them, I […]

Beauty Bumper

When a bumper sticker is good enough to warrant you turning around to get a photo of it … 100: Prince Was Right About Repetition A high-quality runner-up (this one was on a moving car, so no opportunity to snap a photo: Not all those that wander are lost. Head, TAIL, tail, HEAD, tl.

The Album Experience

“Back when I was a kid”, we had albums that we put on the turntable, and then sat back, perusing the album liner notes while we experienced the album tracks, in order. We only needed to get up once to flip the album over. Side note: tip of the hat to Tom Petty for capturing […]

High Order Bit

Standing in the ERover my 23-year-old son.Resting my hand on his shoulderand massaging his head,For far longer than he wouldnormally ever tolerate. I want to protect himbut I can’t.I want to scold himbut I don’t.Instead I just comfort himand stay, just, thankful. His headwill heal.The lessonswill, eventually, seep in.My familywill survive. 121: Double Check Helmet

Annie Answer

My second Strava puzzle Annie Are You OK? was a little more difficult. That’s by design. I’m trying to make each puzzle a bit harder. Let’s see where we go from here. This was a team effort solution by Neil and Jevan. Applause on the teamwork, much like the way we solve the weekly wsj […]