Author: jbo

Trash Negative

There is the (rare) occasion when I reach home after a ride and discover that one of my used gu packets isn’t in my pocket. And I instantly feel bad for contributing to the litter of the world. I found the solution to this sadness several years ago: the next ride out, i would pick […]

Outdo Me

I’m the parent that didn’t let my kids beat me. I focused instead on teaching them everything I knew with the end goal of them outperforming me. So that when the day finally did come that they beat me, they knew it was a genuine victory coming from them taking their learnings to the next […]

I’d Do That Again

When that epic ride is over. When just enough weeks have passed that you don’t remember the pain and wear your body was feeling. That’s when it’s time to revisit. Replay the ride in your mind. Flip through the pictures you snapped along the way. Read your ride summary. Text with your ride partners to […]