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Good Parenting

Overheard as I was riding along the Cross Kirkland Connector today. Boy: “Mommy, I’m getting that feeling in my legs again.” Mom: “Just keep pedaling.” I gave her a big smile, gave a supportive “crank it” motion with my arm as I passed her, saying, “Pedal through it.” An Hour of Hmmmmm | Ride | […]

DJ My Ride

After my last success with Spotify’s Group Session feature with my VT Crew (from People Playlists), today I dropped a picture of me on my ride in the group chat with a Group Session link, and then invited them to “DJ My Ride.” I said, “I’m starting with my Surreywood playlist. But I don’t need […]

“With A Little Help From My Friends”

This week’s recharge ride was a shorter solo ride to wrap up a busy week. The playlist I put on was “VT Crew,” (see People Playlists) because my friend group from Virginia Tech was front and center on my mind after helping some family friends for the last few weeks. VT Crew is a group […]

People Playlists

I love grouping music into meaningful collections. I have too many playlists in Spotify to count. So many, in fact, that I’ve come to group the playlists by the following themes: Theme #4 is what I want to talk about here: People. I can measure the closeness of an individual to me based on how […]

“Come on Thunder”

From Defy the Weather … Provoke the Weather | Ride | Strava: I was feeling especially weather-oblivious today, and that was reinforced by the first song that played on my 2wheels playlist: Sometimes, by James: There’s a storm outside, and the gap between crack and thunderCrack and thunder, is closing in, is closing inThe rain […]


I remember the feeling of complete satisfaction I felt in college the first time I completely disassembled my drivetrain, cleaned it, repacked the hubs, and reassembled it. I loved the sense of understanding the machine I was using. After college, I returned to riding in 2004. That was when we had two kids and my […]

Four vs. For

Riding with a good number of our crew, such that my “audible warning” to pedestrians/bikers we were approaching was “On your left; four bikes.” At one point, as we were passing a couple of pedestrians after giving that warning, one of the walkers said, “It’s for pedestrians, too.” I resisted yelling back, “f o u […]


One of my bike crew pinged the group thread saying, “weather outside is pretty nasty; what do people think about meeting up for a Zwift ride”. I responded, “WWOO (Weather Whatever, Outdoors Only)“. This has become my mantra. I tried Peloton for about 9 months in 2021. And in the end, I never had a […]

Bodeans, FIFY

Was listening to The Bodeans “Good Things” on the ride today. And it occurred to me that they have bad grammar in their lyrics: No, no, no, don’t pass me over No, no, no, don’t pass me by See, I can see good things for you and I Yeah, good things for you That should […]