One of my bike crew pinged the group thread saying, “weather outside is pretty nasty; what do people think about meeting up for a Zwift ride”. I responded, “WWOO (Weather Whatever, Outdoors Only)“.

This has become my mantra. I tried Peloton for about 9 months in 2021. And in the end, I never had a ride feel anywhere near as satisfying as riding outdoors. My teammates do a good amount of indoor training, and I do wish it worked for me, because I see how quickly they can develop. But for me, I’m discovering that the main motivations for biking are the outdoors and the exploration.

So I’ll continue to ride slow and happy.

Harder, Faster, Louder … Blisser | Ride | Strava

The harder I worked, the faster I rode, and the louder the tunes (“VT Crew” playlist was a good choice), the more oblivious I was to the unfun weather around me.

I didn’t even realize I was completely saturated until I started shedding my layers in the garage. Mission Accomplished!