“Come on Thunder”

From Defy the Weather … Provoke the Weather | Ride | Strava:

I was feeling especially weather-oblivious today, and that was reinforced by the first song that played on my 2wheels playlist: Sometimes, by James:

There’s a storm outside, and the gap between crack and thunder
Crack and thunder, is closing in, is closing in
The rain floods gutters, and makes a great sound on the concrete
On a flat roof, there’s a boy leaning against the wall of rain
Aerial held high, calling “come on thunder, come on thunder”

Love that image!! I was smiling for the full 50 today.

When I got home, I pulled up the lyrics and video for that song. The video is awesome, with the band playing in a rough sea. And as he sings the above line, there’s this “bring it on” / “lean in” pose:

“Come on thunder”

Unfortunately, no single frame of that video captures the full pose, so let me leverage one of my favorite uses of that same pose:

“God is in the rain” – V for Vendetta

And an honorable mention for this usage, because it was, in fact, real!

Prince at the Super Bowl, singing Purple Rain … in the rain!