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SloMoPo Solved

My first Strava puzzle SloMoPo was solved pretty shortly after posting it. I was starting simple, so that’s not too surprising. Ben saw the pattern in the alliterations. Nice work, Ben! Step one: ignore everything that wasn’t the “activity of the day” (in other words, ignore every activity that isn’t prefaced with a day #) […]

Annie Are You OK?

This Strava puzzle was more compact than my first attempt for the year (SloMoPo). You got this? 82: Aaaaaaand … Start 83: A Nice Stroll Around Sundown 84: After Dinner Pedaling 85: Now Both On Bicycles 86: Garden Workout 87: Rosanna 88: Touring Redmond Requires More Swerving 89: A Rule Stretch 90: Eat! 91: Hobbes […]

The Trail (Of Certain Death) Not Taken

I love Robert Frost … if you don’t believe me, check out: We can laugh about it now, we’re okay. I wasn’t quite as committed to this mimic, so I followed the wisdom of the ages from The Holy Grail: “skip a bit, brother.”) Two trails split on basically a cliff,And sorry I could not […]

Objectively Badass

Objectively speaking, I look pretty badass in this photo, right? I’m no “Blue Steel”, but I’ve got my game face on, and looking pretty good at it. Now, what I I add some context and tell you that the tune playing in my buds at the time of this photo is Debbie Gibson’s “No More […]

-1 + -1 = -1

There’s an age-old equation used to represent synergy: 1 + 1 = 3. “Two or more independent things combine into a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.” I think there is a corollary equation: -1 + -1 = -1. “Two things which independently suck can be combined in such as […]

Power Through It

When the only button that works on my bluetooth headphones is the Play/Pause button, I am force to power through the crappy tracks. My college playlist (VT Crew) was playing on this morning’s bike ride and when Tiffany came on (I will hope that song was added as a poor attempt at humor), I simply […]


Slow Motion Poetry … success. More than two months of work for a mere 17 syllables. Do you see it? 1/1: 1/365 (??? … !!!): New Year’s Repetitions 1/2: 2: Stay Plumb to Stay on the Bike 1/3: 3: Fresh Air 1/4: 4: Smooth Sailing 1/5: 5: Post (Productivity) Presentation Pavement Pounding, Precipitation Paralleling Predictions […]


The Jeff that returns home after an extended ride is not the same Jeff that set off hours earlier. The Jeff that returns home after a retreat is not the same Jeff that left a week earlier. Re-fresh. Re-center. Re-discover. 2021.03.13: !!BLAST!! Forward

Rails to Trails

Growing up with a deep love of trains and railroads, I have a special place in my heart for the bike trails that are made out of old railbeds. The narrow tree-lined lanes removed from the usual traffic corridors that run so straight and even give me such a feeling of tranquility. 2022.03.06: 65: Pleasant […]

Drivetrain Envy

I was proud of myself for finally establishing a good post-ride routine for cleaning my bike. I researched online, finding several good videos and using those to start a discussion with my bike team about their preferred routines. Now I’m 4-5 months into this routine and have been feeling good about myself … until I […]