“Not Safe For Strava?”

On my ride today, all the potential ride titles i was coming up ended up sounding too racy (though no raciness intended). So I stuck with a safe title, using the lyrics from “AM Radio”: 162: “With Big Bell Bottoms And Groovy Long Hair…”.

Now, a bit later, I realize that there Rated G versions of all of these titles. So here’s the racy & safe variations, side by side:

(I’ve taken the liberty of adding new rides to this table as OG/G titles have materialized)

OG TitleRated G TitleIntent
The Dirty and Delicious
Tip of the Lollipop
You Get The B’ar
The top piece of this particular
lollipop route was a heavenly
offroad experience.
Bruce Blow By, or
Bruce Buzzed My Tower
High Speed Bruce
Fly By
, or
The Pattern Is Full
CCBC Teammate Bruce flew
by me during the ride
Boner Drier, or
Boner Dry, or
Bone Drier
More Bone DryToday was even more
dry than last weekend
The Great UnzippingThe Great SheddingI ended with fewer layers
on than I started with