I remember the feeling of complete satisfaction I felt in college the first time I completely disassembled my drivetrain, cleaned it, repacked the hubs, and reassembled it. I loved the sense of understanding the machine I was using.

After college, I returned to riding in 2004. That was when we had two kids and my time was a bit more spoken for. So all bike cleanings came as part of a servicing package the local bike shop would perform.

Until last week …

Here’s the photo summary, accompanied by some alternate lyrics 😀.

“Squeaks Like Violence, Break the Silence” – Depeche Mode

On last week’s ride, I heard a “different” sound, and that had me thinking “when is the last time I did a tune up?” which then immediately went to “oh no, I _need_ to replace the chain.” Thankfully I caught it before it was over-worn,

“Shiny Happy Drivetrain Running Fast” – R.E.M.

Today’s >16mph avg was effortless … and given how much gunk I scrubbed off of these babies, I discovered one ingredient in my previous slower pace. I’m switching to “dry” lube only … the “wet” attracts way too much bad stuff.

“That will be the return to yourself. The return to competence.” – Enigma

On rides where I’m bringing music, I don’t start the music right away. The first 10 minutes are spent with me listening to the bike to make sure everything sounds in order. On my first ride on Verse after this cleaning, I realized that 30 minutes had gone by while I was listening.

“You Hear That?”

“Hear what?”


Literally, a well-oiled machine.

“I Can Ride 55” – Sammy Hagar | Ride | Strava