Top Ten Peloton Lines ( … so far )

I have to imagine there’s an army of writers behind the scenes at Peloton giving the athletes good inspirational lines for their classes. Here are my faves, in David-Letterman-Countdown style:

10. “Find a deeper breath.” (45 min Country Ride – Hannah Corbin – 43:30)

9. “You’re not a product, you’re a project.” (45 min 80s Ride – Denis Morton – ??:??)

8. “Practice makes permanent.” (45 min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Matt Wilpers – ??:??)

7. “Grind now, shine later.” (45 min HIIT & Hills Ride – Ben Alldis – 11:20)

6. “You didn’t come this far just to get this far.” (45 min Tabata Ride – Ally Love – 29:25)

5. “Pressure makes diamonds.” (45 min Pop Ride  – Kendall Toole – 24:05)

4. “It’s a blessing to be sore.” (45 min Country Ride – Hannah Corbin – 26:50)

3. “Woah, whose legs are these?” (45 min Power Zone Endurance Ride – Matt Wilpers – 23:35 – referring to the first time back on the road after a winter of indoor training)

2. “It’s a flute solo, come on, give love.” (45 min Classic Rock Ride – Kendall Toole – 43:50 – owning The Mamas and The Papas California Dreamin’)

1. “Justin Bieber went through puberty in public; if he can do that, you can do this.” (45 min Pop Ride  – Kendall Toole – 8:50)


Six days a week, I start the day writing and reflecting.

One day a week, I start the day riding and reflecting.

Riding is my “Sunday service” and this is my church:

Seminary Hill (really)

The Gospel according to Hothouse Flowers: “… There is so much to breathe, see, know, understand and do ...”

Sermon by the Winds of Juanita: “… eyes forward; feet dancing; lungs open …

“Loud(y)” Psalm: “… God can’t whisper when the bass is up …

Featured soloists: Bob Seger, Eddie Vedder.

Zigzagging My Way to 55 | Ride | Strava

Self Expression

We are all artists, in search of our own perfect medium – a medium without boundaries.  The lucky souls among us discover their medium – and add their verse.