“Gone Within”

This is a line that my father-in-law uses that I love. It is only used in the past tense, and it’s used to explain the unintentional detaching for some inner reflection time. It’s probably the best excuse you can have for those moments in a conversation when the other conversers realize that you’re no longer participating. You’re not on your phone. You weren’t distracted by some other external stimulus. You had just “Gone Within.”

Today on my quick out-and-back to May Valley, I was a good 20 minutes into the valley before I realized it. The urban beginning to this route had me in commuter mode. The suburban phase that followed had me more relaxed, but my mind clearly went elsewhere.

When I snapped out of it, I couldn’t even tell you what I had been thinking about. It took a couple of hours later to remember. I was running through all the change in the last week. All good change. But tiring in aggregate, if that makes any sense.

Changes at home: Drew getting a summer research job; Luke nearly all caught up on his summer course after a couple of health setbacks. Changes at work: got a new employee; finalized some org decisions with leadership. Changes around us: all the high school graduates among our friends group.

For the record, not this kind of “gone within”:

“And after that I just sorta space out for about an hour”

169: “Gone Within”


“Not Safe For Strava?”

On my ride today, all the potential ride titles i was coming up ended up sounding too racy (though no raciness intended). So I stuck with a safe title, using the lyrics from “AM Radio”: 162: “With Big Bell Bottoms And Groovy Long Hair…”.

Now, a bit later, I realize that there Rated G versions of all of these titles. So here’s the racy & safe variations, side by side:

(I’ve taken the liberty of adding new rides to this table as OG/G titles have materialized)

OG TitleRated G TitleIntent
The Dirty and Delicious
Tip of the Lollipop
You Get The B’ar
The top piece of this particular
lollipop route was a heavenly
offroad experience.
Bruce Blow By, or
Bruce Buzzed My Tower
High Speed Bruce
Fly By
, or
The Pattern Is Full
CCBC Teammate Bruce flew
by me during the ride
Boner Drier, or
Boner Dry, or
Bone Drier
More Bone DryToday was even more
dry than last weekend
The Great UnzippingThe Great SheddingI ended with fewer layers
on than I started with


I have a son,
His name is Drew.
When my legs quit early,
Here’s what I do.

I text him with an offer
Of drinks and food for free,
If he drives out
To rescue me.

I love my son,
He’s quick with his texting!
And he loves me
For the Fatburger he’s now eating!

150: Drüber

Rent To Own?

A friend of ours was telling me about their son’s summer internship plans. Their son had been debating several options, and one of them involved a line of work that others described to him as “selling your soul to the devil.” Obviously, this made him uneasy about even entertaining the idea. But I think there’s a more “growth mindset” way of looking at it. Internships are all about trying out new things to arrive at a more informed position when it comes time to make a decision on your full-time job.

So maybe as a full-time job after college it would be selling your soul. But since this is just three months one summer, all you’d really be doing is renting your soul out for the summer.

Happy job hunting!

134: H😵p, Skip, and a Jump

Happy Birthdays!

If you’re going to give someone a chore for their birthday,

you better make sure it’s well worth the work. I worked hard to make this one easily clears the bar. Alas, Jevan and Ben will have to be the judge.

Strava Puzzle #3 is even shorter than #2 (Annie Are You OK?), which was shorter than #1 (SloMoPo). I’m following the trend of decreasing attention span.

I hope you two enjoy your birthday present:

Musical Accompaniment

I take a lot of photos on my rides, and while that makes for a richer sharing experience with others, it still leaves much to be desired. One thing that could certainly make it better would be to match these pictures with the most fitting music that could be played when encountering that same scene.

Here are my first three entries. I will be back to add more:

1) The Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Okay, I actually had more than just my cell phone for this ride. I had a GoPro on the handlebars. Here’s one 3mi segment of the ride, with the song that I know I played at some point on this epic ride:

1000mi in 2wks, Day 6: Summer Solstice Ride

2) Paradise Climb on Mount Rainier, WA


“Hamilton faces and endless uphill climb.”

It’s actually happened several times that this song, and this line, was playing when I was on a significant climb. And I’ve found it helps my performance on the hill if I belt out “I am the one thing in life I can control; I am inimitable, I am an original.” This particular climb is about 3,500ft.


3) McLeansville, NC


“Up with the sun, gone with the wind.”

This lyric comes to mind commonly on my retreats, when I start off at or before sunrise.

NC to PA, Day 2: Greensboro, NC to Lynchburg, VA

Crashless Streak Ends at 868

I was on a really good tear with regard to my “Days Since Last Crash” streak, nearly doubling my previous best. But today, when I was on a good tear of another kind (riding the fun Rose Hill / Bridle Trails path from the park down to Marymoor), the mud that I had been enjoying turned into my enemy, as my back-end slid out while I was purring along.

It was a clean slide right up until the last second, then my hand went down and was hyperextended back. After a quick check of bod and bike, I decided to pedal on, figuring whatever pain was waiting for me wouldn’t kick in until I stopped. And that’s pretty much how it played out.

Another 45 miles of beautiful riding, and now I’m wearing my skating wrist guard to keep it still until I get it checked out next week.

127: Ride 😔, Slide 🤕, Ride 🙂

Best Church Names

One terrific discovery on all of my extended retreat rides has been the more creative church names I’ve encountered. Here are my top two so far (both in NC … bummer that I haven’t found any better names in my home state of VA … yet):

1) The Remnant of His Seed
My mind isn’t in the gutter most of the time that I’m riding, and certainly not when I’m passing churches, but something about this name just felt, well, flacid.


VT to OBX, Day 3: The Art of Distraction

2) Heavenbound Cowboy Church


NC to PA, Day 1: Charlotte, NC to Greensboro, NC


Here’s a business idea for my Mormon buddies. This picture is heading in the right direction, with some nice wheels to shuttle these missionaries in style.

See the source image

So now, picture this:

A cycling jersey that is an imitation of a missionary shirt, tie, and badge.

Even if we can’t convince the missionaries to wear them, I know of plenty of cycling teams that would love to suit up with these.

All proceeds to the church. I just want one!

Absence Makes The Miles Go Quicker