Slow Motion Poetry … success.

More than two months of work for a mere 17 syllables.

Do you see it?


The Jeff that returns home after an extended ride is not the same Jeff that set off hours earlier. The Jeff that returns home after a retreat is not the same Jeff that left a week earlier.

Re-fresh. Re-center. Re-discover.

2021.03.13: !!BLAST!! Forward

Drivetrain Envy

I was proud of myself for finally establishing a good post-ride routine for cleaning my bike. I researched online, finding several good videos and using those to start a discussion with my bike team about their preferred routines.

Now I’m 4-5 months into this routine and have been feeling good about myself … until I saw Joseph’s drivetrain on this morning’s ride. The drivetrain on his gravel bike 5 miles into a muddy exploration looked cleaner than the drivetrain on my road bike on its best day.

So today’s 8-minute bike scrubbing routine was extended to 15 minutes, with pretty satisfying results:

It’s not a competition, right? (says the one who’s clearly losing !!)

65: Pleasant Pedal Party, Planned Partings Provided

Mo’ Butt’r

In 2005, Anu, Jary, Nik, and I formed Team Numb Nutz and trained to ride the STP in July. Over several months, we built up our endurance, with the only two complaints being (a) the one that gave us our team name and (b) chafing. So, on the day of the ride, Jary introduced us to this amazing product called Chamois Butt’r. He had a set of individual packs like this that we divided among us.

See the source image

We each went into a pit stop porta potty and discretely applied one packet. Another 50 miles down the road we followed the same routine at a pit stop.

50 miles later, our wives met us along the way which is when we took this photo:

This was also the stop when Niyati surprised us with this:

See the source image

Gone was the discreteness. We applied with abandon. And joked about giving reapplications mid ride, “Lean forward and i’ll hit you up.” Just jokes, relax. But it did illustrate our newfound love for this saving cream.

To the point that at the end of the ride we renamed Team Numb Nutz to Team Mo’ Butt’r.

I was thinking of this story today when I rode, having just used my new bottle of butt’r for the first time. Out with the old, in with the huge:

I’m so pump’d!

43: Pretty Perfectly (Parroting Panos) “Pump’d”

Classic Conditioning

My “Retreat Bike” is a Specialized Allez, 2008. It is from the time before 28mm road tires, and I never considered upgrading from 23mm to 28mm (would require a new rim). This mattered on my last East Coast Retreat.

I lay out a 500+ mile route, with typically a century ride per day. Sometimes the days are shorter. Sometimes the days are longer. Obviously, the longer the route, the less room I have for route modification. So when I got to day 2 of my NC to PA trip, the longest day of the journey at 121 miles, I knew it was important to stick to the route and muscle through whatever I encountered.

I hit a gravel section of unknown length. I pedaled on. One mile later, I was back on pavement.

I hit a second gravel section. I pedaled. Three miles later, pavement.

When I reached a third gravel section, I actually accelerated. Four miles later, pavement.

It’s amazing what you’ll put up with when you have zero alternatives.


NC to PA, Day 2: Greensboro, NC to Lynchburg, VA