Crashless Streak Ends at 868

I was on a really good tear with regard to my “Days Since Last Crash” streak, nearly doubling my previous best. But today, when I was on a good tear of another kind (riding the fun Rose Hill / Bridle Trails path from the park down to Marymoor), the mud that I had been enjoying turned into my enemy, as my back-end slid out while I was purring along.

It was a clean slide right up until the last second, then my hand went down and was hyperextended back. After a quick check of bod and bike, I decided to pedal on, figuring whatever pain was waiting for me wouldn’t kick in until I stopped. And that’s pretty much how it played out.

Another 45 miles of beautiful riding, and now I’m wearing my skating wrist guard to keep it still until I get it checked out next week.

127: Ride 😔, Slide 🤕, Ride 🙂