Men, Boys, Toys

You see a boy is circling around a street corner. His friends begin assembling, joining his circle as they talk. When the last friend shows up, they all take off. You see them riding all over, spending all of this time together. Cut to the next time circling and fewer people showing up, then flash to a kid at home playing an online game. Jump back to the circling kids, where one of them shrugs and then they all ride off. This cycle repeats, each time one kid dropping off, and each time flashing to them at home on a game. Finally there’s one kid left circling the corner with no one showing up. He rides home, where Dad is fixing his own bike up for a ride. He talks to Dad, clearly down. Dad gives him a hug. They sit down and talk and then kid walks off and Dad climbs on his bike.

You see Dad waiting at a corner. His friends show up and as the last one approaches, they all start to saddle up and ride off together. Cut to next week, when the group is waiting on the same corner for one more rider, then flash to that one rider at home on his zwift. Back to the group, who give a collective shrug and pedal off. Repeat this scene, with one rider dropping each week, and that rider showing instead on his zwift trainer at home. Finally, it’s just Dad at the corner. He starts circling around to kill the time and try to wait just a little long. No one is appearing.

Finally Dad hears wheels on pavement and is visibly lifted. Dad turns around to see which of his friends is approaching, and sees his son pedaling towards him with a smile on his face. Dad returns the smile. The boy comes alongside Dad and they ride off together.

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