Musical Accompaniment

I take a lot of photos on my rides, and while that makes for a richer sharing experience with others, it still leaves much to be desired. One thing that could certainly make it better would be to match these pictures with the most fitting music that could be played when encountering that same scene.

Here are my first three entries. I will be back to add more:

1) The Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Okay, I actually had more than just my cell phone for this ride. I had a GoPro on the handlebars. Here’s one 3mi segment of the ride, with the song that I know I played at some point on this epic ride:

1000mi in 2wks, Day 6: Summer Solstice Ride

2) Paradise Climb on Mount Rainier, WA


“Hamilton faces and endless uphill climb.”

It’s actually happened several times that this song, and this line, was playing when I was on a significant climb. And I’ve found it helps my performance on the hill if I belt out “I am the one thing in life I can control; I am inimitable, I am an original.” This particular climb is about 3,500ft.


3) McLeansville, NC


“Up with the sun, gone with the wind.”

This lyric comes to mind commonly on my retreats, when I start off at or before sunrise.

NC to PA, Day 2: Greensboro, NC to Lynchburg, VA