Not far from the shallow now … here’s a fun idea for an ad …

There are those nights when you pour yourself a glass of wine, sink into your most comfortable chair, spread your future clearly out in front of you, open the most inspiring dating site in existence, and spend hours thoughtfully working through bios trying to find your soulmate.

And then there are those nights when two shot glasses and a fifth of bourbon are sitting next to you on a motel nightstand, a forty minute tryst has ended with a final passionate kiss, and before your lover even exits the room, you’ve already grabbed your phone and flipped to your Contacts, where a quick flick scrolls face face face face until you tap to stop on one, as a sly smile appears on your face.

Save the wine for; and bring the hard alcohol to the new “Next!” app.

Then roll Montell Jordan:

Or Maybe Prince:

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