Outdo Me

I’m the parent that didn’t let my kids beat me. I focused instead on teaching them everything I knew with the end goal of them outperforming me. So that when the day finally did come that they beat me, they knew it was a genuine victory coming from them taking their learnings to the next level.

This last week was my family’s third Backroads biking trip. And I’m very happy to say that for the first time ever, for five days straight of biking, they outdid me. Watching them fade into the distance in front of me was an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Capability, competence, and capacity are beautiful to observe.

Day 1:Entering Glacier National Park | Ride | Strava

Day 2:Going to the Fog Road | Ride | Strava

Day 3, part 1:Mother Nature: 2; Jeff & Charu: 0 | Ride | Strava

Day 3, part 2:Two-way Trip to Two Medicine on Two Bikes | Ride | Strava

Day 4, part 1:Riding Flathead Whitewater | Canoe | Strava

Day 4, part 2:Cruising Back into Whitefish | Ride | Strava

Day 5:200% Polyester | Ride | Strava

Total Explorer Tiles Collected: 134 (broke 6K, ending at 6,094)

To our Glacier Backroads team and riders, I’ll echo Abby’s key word: community. Thank you so much for a true team effort this last week. I predict more trips together with you all in the years to come!

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