Power Through It

When the only button that works on my bluetooth headphones is the Play/Pause button, I am forced to power through the crappy tracks.

My college playlist (VT Crew) was playing on this morning’s bike ride and when Tiffany came on (I will hope that song was added as a poor attempt at humor), I simply had to get through it. The only saving grace was that Paula Abdul’s Spellbound was waiting on the other end of the track.

“Spellbound”, unlike “I Think We’re Alone Now”, is so terrible it’s funny. And that irony is why it ended up on our playlist (cemented by the fact that, in my week-long cross-country drive with John, it was a requirement that “New Moon”, “Running Down a Dream”, and “Spellbound” were each played once every day of the drive).

“Spellbound” follows in the footsteps of Lisa Lisa’s “All Cried Out”.

Tiffany is just, different. I don’t know, it feels like a “not worth the ammo” situation.

But she did serve as a good reminder that we have to take the good with the bad. College was great, but that doesn’t mean every detail of it was great 🙂

Kevin Nealon said it best:

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