“Wave Streak”

Here’s a game for your next bike ride: How many consecutive people (in a car, on a motorcycle, on a bike, walking, standing, …) can you wave at and get a response wave from them?

You might try to game the system, becoming a bit less social as you hold back waves from individuals you think are less likely to wave back at you (deeming them not wave-worthy?). But the trick is to up your social. Own that wave. Work that wave. Really sell your wave!

My current streak is 4 (2 bicyclists, 1 motorcyclist, and 1 pedestrian). Gotta start somewhere. I’m shooting for a Wave Streak of 25.

Seattle Antifreeze | Ride | Strava

5/8/2021 Update:

My max Wave Streak has hit double digits, scoring 11 today. I also worked out a couple of new rules:

  1. It doesn’t count if they wave/greet first. Rambo said it best: They drew first blood, not me! – YouTube
  2. You have to commit to the wave/greet … you can’t do a non-committal short nod of your head (aka a half greeting) to see if that’s enough to elicit a response, and then not reset your count on a technicality.
  3. This one is a pro-tip and not really a rule: if you’re looking for an easy +1 to your current streak, wave at a full team of riders. Unless it is Team Douche Canoe, you’ll get at least one wave from the pack.

Max Wave Streak: 11 | Ride | Strava

5/16/2021 Update:

Blew the doors of the previous record today. I’m sure the sun combined with the high amount of trail time contributed. 17. Then 25. Then 26. (And kudos to the gentleman that got me #26 … despite carrying two grocery bags he lifted one bag as a form of wave and gave a nod).

Total waves today: 116.
Total responses: 104.
89.6%, which rounds up to an A-.

Anyone wanna help me build a “Spread Waves” app to make this easier to track … and build a point system … and crowdsource to determine warmest and coldest places, influencing points scored in those areas?

Double Shot of Jason | Ride | Strava