We can laugh about it now, we’re okay.

Last winter when I was still commuting to and from work in the dark, I ended up dealing with more snow & ice on the trail than I was expecting, which made for a sketchy ride.

To help calm me down after a stressful ride, I wrote a mimic poem of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost:

Praying by Slough on a Snow Covered Trail

When warm this trail is a fast go,  
So diff’rent when covered in snow.  
Squeezing the bars, eyes keep scanning,
This commute is running quite slow.

An empty trail had me smiling:
“A dark ride alone? Exciting!”
Then I hit a snow patch and knew
Why no one else was out riding.

I’ve always loved to bike the slough:
speed, views, and socializing too.
But “keeping the rubber side down”
Is now all I’m trying to do.

The roads have cars racing around, 
But a small shoulder can be found.
So trail I say “see you around”, 
And slip-slide off, for solid ground.

Praying by Slough on a Snow Covered Trail | Ride | Strava

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