Story / Song

“Behind every song, there’s a story. And behind every story, there’s a song.”

– J Allard

Music is central to my life, just like J’s quote suggests. Today I heard Mothers of the Disappeared, a song which I haven’t heard in easily a decade, and I saw myself back in college sitting in a dimly lit apartment room listening to U2 with some of my “VT Crew.”

“Hear their heartbeats. We hear their heartbeats.”

And with U2 in my head, I’m taken to March 2001 and my first retreat, where U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind was my album of the week. This is a much longer story, and a reminder that I need to start filling out the Rides – veho ergo sum half of this site. Stay tuned …

5/5/2021 Update: 2001 retreat is now up: 2001.

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